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RAD Torque Tools   RAD Reactions Arms
RAD Classic Series Torque Wrenches   RAD Nose Extensions
 Standard Tools    Metric Tools        
RAD-350SL   RAD-475SL   RAD Calibration Systems
RAD-75SL   RAD-100SL        
RAD-200SL   RAD-275SL   RAD Wheel Nut Bolting Series Torque Wrenches
RAD-1800NG   RAD-2400NG   Standard Tools   Metric Tools
RAD-50   RAD-6800   RAD-7GX-R   RAD-10GX-R
        RAD-15NDX-R   RAD-20NDX-R
        RAD-1800NGX-R   RAD-2400NGX-R
        RAD-10GX-NX Kit   RAD-14GX-NX Kit
RAD High Speed Series Torque Wrenches        
Standard Tools   Metric Tools        
RAD-10GX-2   RAD-14GX-2   RAD Electronic Series Torque Wrenches (E-RAD)
RAD-15DX-2   RAD-20DX-2   Standard Tools   Metric Tools
RAD-25GX-2   RAD-34GX-2   E-RAD-700   E-RAD-950
        E-RAD-1200   E-RAD-1600
        E-RAD-2000   E-RAD-2700
        E-RAD-2500   E-RAD-3400
        E-RAD-3000   E-RAD-4000
RAD GenX Series Torque Wrenches   E-RAD-4000   E-RAD-5400
 Standard Tools    Metric Tools   E-RAD-6000   E-RAD-8000
RAD-7GX   RAD-10GX        
RAD-10GX   RAD-14GX   RAD Battery Series Torque Wrenches (B-RAD)
RAD-15DX   RAD-20DX   Standard Tools   Metric Tools
RAD-25GX   RAD-34GX   B-RAD-500   B-RAD-675
RAD-34GX   RAD-46GX   B-RAD-500-2   B-RAD-675-2
RAD-85GX   RAD-115GX   B-RAD-1000   B-RAD-1350
RAD-60DX   RAD-80DX   B-RAD-1000-2   B-RAD-1350-2
        B-RAD-1500   B-RAD-2000
Digital Battery Series Torque Tools (DB-RAD)   B-RAD-1500-2   B-RAD-2000-2
Standard Tools   Metric Tools        
DB-RAD-500   DB-RAD-675   RAD Electric Series Torque Wrenches (V-RAD)
DB-RAD-1000   DB-RAD-1350   Standard Tools   Metric Tools
DB-RAD-1500   DB-RAD-2000   V-RAD-10   V-RAD-14
        V-RAD-23   V-RAD-31
        RAD Digital Electric Series Torque Tools (DV-RAD)
        Standard Tools   Metric Tools
        DV-RAD-1000   DV-RAD-1400
        DV-RAD-1500   DV-RAD-2000
        DV-RAD-2500   DV-RAD-3400
RAD Torque

RAD pneumatic torque wrenches deliver powerful, accurate & safe torque load. These lightweight and ergonomic hand held pistol grip tools are being used in many industries worldwide.

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E-RAD ELECTRONIC TORQUE WRENCH RAD Electronic Powered Torque Tools

RAD precision electronic controlled bolting systems are the first AC powered torque wrenches. They incorporate RADs NG & SL gear box design, assuring unmatched power, accuracy & durability.

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B-RAD BATTERY TORQUE WRENCH RAD Battery Powered Torque Tools

RAD cordless, battery operated torque wrenches offer unmatched power & versatility. Their ideal for any application where compressed air or electricity are not readily available.

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B-RAD BATTERY TORQUE WRENCH RAD Digital Battery Torque Tools

The new line of Digital B-RAD tools is the world's first digital, cordless, and lithium-ion torque wrench. With digital display and single increment torque settings.

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V-RAD ELECTRIC TORQUE WRENCH RAD Electric Powered Torque Tools

RAD V-Series are a new generation of electric torque wrenches used for the installation or removal of heavy duty fasteners where accuracy, power and safety are required.

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V-RAD ELECTRIC TORQUE WRENCH RAD Digital Electric Torque Tools

Extreme design innovation with colout screen and keypad for single increment digital torque settings. ideal for applications where compressed air is not readily available. Smooth continuous flow of controlled torque adjustable presets.

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