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Pneumatic Torque Systems
RAD Torque

RAD Gen-X Series - Precision design and engineering has brought about the next generation in torque wrenches – the Gen-X Series.Designed for extreme duty use in a variety of industries worldwide,

Gen-X Series torque wrenches offer:

  • The ultimate in power-to-weight ratio
  • Wide torque range to suit multiple applications
  • Unmatched reliability delivered by one of the most advanced engineered gear boxes on the market

Extreme Duty Torque Wrenches for
Heavy Duty Applications
All RAD GenX Series Torque Tools come fully calibrated complete with:
Torque Tools

• RAD Torque Tool
• Standard Reaction Arm and Retention Ring
• 12" Hose & Fittings
• Ergonomic Regulator Cage and Tool Holder
• Operators Manual and CD
• Calibration Chart

To ensure the highest quality of measurement and accuracy, each RAD® pneumatic tool comes individually calibrated traceable to NIST standards.

Torque Multipliers
RAD Pneumatic Torque Tool